About Advanced

Our doctors and staff are dedicated to crafting the best selection of eyewear and processes for finding that perfect pair for our clients. The intersection of eye health and style is where we live. We strive to advance the way patients receive eye care; bringing a true wrap-around service – from exam, to treatment, to finding styles that build up our patients.

We’re Growing with You, Ohio.

People come to Advanced Family Eyecare for optometry and eyewear because we’re a one-stop solution. We have excellent doctors, excellent opticians and excellent selection of the best in eyewear.

We offer eye and vision exams to help detect eye health issues and treat them as soon as it is caught. Some of the eye health issues that we treat are glaucoma, cataracts, dry eye, and other conditions that can affect your vision and your overall health. Many of these issues have little or no symptoms. That is why it is important to schedule a comprehensive exam to treat the diseases early on so that the loss of vision can be slowed considerably.

In addition to regular eye exams, we also offer contact lens exams to help get you fitted for contact lenses. Measurements for contact lenses are more precise and can help many people with eye conditions, such as astigmatism. Our eye doctors in Chardon can work with you to find the right type of contacts that will feel comfortable on your eyes and help you see your best.