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The intersection of eye health and style is where we live. We strive to advance the way patients receive eye care; bringing a true wrap-around service – from exam, to treatment, to finding styles that build up our patients.

Holistic Eye Health and Style Services

People come to Advanced Family Eyecare for optometry and eyewear because we’re a one-stop solution. We have excellent doctors, excellent opticians and excellent selection of the best in eyewear.

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Eye Examinations

Our doctors utilize the latest technology to provide thorough and comprehensive eye exams. During your exam, our doctors will check your prescription, and do a thorough examination of your total eye health.

Treatment of Eye Disease

From emergency treatment for red itchy eyes or foreign objects in the eye, to chronic concerns like dry eye and glaucoma, our doctors provide both natural and prescription treatment for eye conditions.


Our optical department is known for displaying a variety of eyeglass frames from domestic and European eyewear designers.


Contact Lenses

Contact lens technology is always evolving, and now just about anyone can wear contact lenses as a part-time or full-time alternative to glasses.

Premium Optical Lenses

Did you know there are different degrees of precision and quality in corrective lenses that affect the way you view the world. There are many types including: Progressive, Digital Lenses, Polarized, Occupational, Photochromatic and more. Depending on the visual needs of your lifestyle and prescription, we may customize recommendations.

Eye Vitamins and Technology

Our office now offers premium eye vitamins that are scientifically supported and fit to solve your unique eye health concerns. When you come in for an eye exam, we can explore the options for eye vitamins to enhance and protect your eyes.


Advanced Family Eyecare Process

Walk into Confidence.

Where are you on your eye care Journey?

Call us today to talk about your eye care needs. Our expert staff can help guide you. Everyone is different, and we’re here for your specific needs.

Get a plan

Often, we should start with a comprehensive eye exam, but afterwards, your plan for next steps is uniquely yours, and we’ll guide you through treatment, referrals if necessary, and eyewear selection.

Enjoy Life seeing better!

Let’s get you the perfect plan, the perfect next steps and then, get back to living life. Your sight is a key component in a happy, healthy life, and we’re here for you every step of the way.